Welcome to The Concrete Shell - lots of live music images on here for you to checkout....

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Graham Hilling, 2014

Welcome to The Concrete Shell!

This site is a large collection of live concert images taken over a number of years. I've been taking photographs for years but started this type of photography seriously in 2006. Since that time I've created a large portfolio of images (there are over 5000 individual images on here and growing all the time).

Most of the images are from the heavy metal and punk genres (refelcting my own interest in music). I would like to thank all the lovely people I've met on this journey and make a special mention of the webzines who have put their faith in me: Planet Loud, Metal Discovery, Rockonnection, The Independant Voice, Metal Rules. You all rule!!

Please also take 5 minutes to visit my personal website where there is a much wider set of subjects, some art and also some music. 

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